Quick Start

Fill the gap between application code and translation management with SimpleLocalize CLI


Let's take an example. To translate frontend application in ReactJS you can use yahoo/react-intl where the code syntax looks like this:

<FormattedMessage id="LOGIN"/> //i18n key = "LOGIN"

thanks to SimpleLocalize CLI, term LOGIN will be found, and pushed to the SimpleLocalize.io, where you can:

  • translate keys to multiple languages,

  • invite teammates to help you with translations,

  • publish changes to the CDN so whereone can access translations,

  • export translation to desired format.


Create new project: https://app.simplelocalize.io and put simplelocalize.yml in the project root directory

Example simplelocalize.yml


Learn more about supported librarires: https://github.com/simplelocalize/simplelocalize-cli#-supported-libraries‚Äč


Run the following command:

$ curl -s https://get.simplelocalize.io | bash

you should see the output more or less like this:

CLI Output

Done, now you can refresh the project page and see what new keys we have.

SimpleLocalize Web UI Editor

Remember to put simplelocalize.yml in same directory where you invoke this command. CLI will find all i18n keys in current directory and push them to SimpleLocalize cloud.