Start Guide

Learn how you can use SimpleLocalize services to improve your workflow

SimpleLocalize can be used on many different ways, you can choose between CLI, Import/Export option or create your custom workflow thanks to API access.

⚡️ CLI + Auto-discovery feature

CLI allows you to improve your workflow by finding i18n keys in your source code on every commit push. Setup new project, configure simplelocalize.yml file, invoke bash script. CLI will find i18n keys and send them to SimpleLocalize.

curl -s | bash

📚 Import & Export - work with JSON/Excel files

Import & Export feature allows you to translate content in Excel files or some custom software. Get an easy access to those features thanks to our web application or API

Import & Export - Web Client

Export feature in Web Client

Import & Export - API

Use links below to upload or export your JSON/CSV/Excel files.

🚀 API - build your own integration

Use links below to create and fetch translations through our API